Regional Business Manager For A FMCG Company

Regional Business Manager For A FMCG Company For Kennedia Consulting Limited

Job Summary
  •  Job Overview: We are seeking a results-driven and strategic-minded Regional Business Manager to lead and oversee the operations of a designated region within our company. The successful candidate will play a critical role in achieving revenue and growth targets, increase in app usage, optimizing operational efficiency, and fostering strong relationships with both customers and manufacturers.

General Duties
  • Key Responsibilities:

     1. Profit and Loss Management: Take ownership of the region's financial performance, ensuring revenue, margin, and profit targets are met and exceeded. Develop and execute strategies to maximize profitability while maintaining cost efficiency.

     2. Sales and Operations Leadership: Lead a team of sales managers and operational staff to ensure smooth day-to-day operations. Develop people and processes, oversee employees welfare, establish a highly motivational working environment, Drive sales initiatives, monitor progress, and implement innovative changes and corrective actions as needed to achieve sales targets and operational excellence

    3.Product Assortment and Category Representation: Collaborate with the category management team to curate a comprehensive and competitive product assortment. Ensure optimal representation of product categories in your region to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences.

    4. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Oversee the logistics and supply chain functions to ensure timely and efficient order fulfillment. Collaborate with logistics partners to optimize delivery processes, minimize lead times, and reduce costs.

    5. Retail Network Expansion: Develop and execute strategies to expand the retail network within the region to increase brand presence and market share.

    6. Retail Engagement and Customer Relationships: Build and nurture strong relationships with retail partners to drive engagement and loyalty. Provide support, resolve issues, and implement initiatives to enhance the retail experience.

    7. Customer Retention and Growth: Collaborate with the trade marketing and customer service teams to develop strategies for customer retention and growth. Analyze customer data and feedback to identify opportunities for improving customer satisfaction and expanding customer base.

     8. Manufacturer Support: Foster strong partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers. Advocate for manufacturer support programs and initiatives that drive mutual growth and success

    9. Cost Management: Monitor and manage costs across various aspects of operations, including warehousing, logistics, and demand marketing. Implement measures to optimize cost efficiency while maintaining service quality.

     10. Team Leadership and Development: Lead, mentor, and develop a high-performing team of sales managers and operational staff. Provide guidance, performance feedback, and professional growth opportunities.

    11. Performance Metrics and Analysis: Utilize data-driven insights to measure and evaluate business performance. Develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to track unit economics, inventory turnover, revenue per person, profit per person, and other relevant metrics.

  • Qualifications:

     • Bachelor's degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field (MBA preferred).

    • Proven experience in B2B eCommerce, retail, or related industries with a focus on sales and operations management.

    • Strong financial acumen and experience with profit and loss responsibility.

     • Demonstrated leadership skills with the ability to lead and motivate cross-functional team

    • Excellent communication, negotiation, and relationship-building skills.

    • Analytical mindset with proficiency in data analysis and problem-solving.

    • Strategic thinker with a track record of driving growth and achieving targets.

    • Proficiency in using relevant software and tools for data analysis and project management.

  • 500,000 - 800,000

Application Deadline: 16th Feb, 2024

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