Business Head, Primary Sales For A FMCG Company

Business Head, Primary Sales For A FMCG Company For Kennedia Consulting Limited

Job Summary
  • As a Business Head in charge of Primary Sales you will be tasked with digitizing bulk procurement processes for wholesalers and distributors using the DMS Buy platform, while leveraging on the company integration to offer a "Buy Now, Pay Later" facility. By adopting this approach, the Business Head is aimed to attract and retain a larger number of clients, streamline procurement, and enhance financial flexibility for buyers.

General Duties
    • Digital Transformation: Implement a digital procurement platform, DMS Buy, to streamline the order placement and approval process, reducing manual intervention and errors.
    • The Business Head is to collaborated with the necessary stakeholders to integrate the DMS Buy platform into the company's existing infrastructure.
    • Organize Comprehensive training sessions organized to educate the distributors about the new platform's features, benefits, and functionalities.
    • lient Expansion: Attract and onboard a larger number of wholesalers and distributors by offering an intuitive and efficient online procurement platform.
    • Organize targeted marketing campaigns was launched to introduce the DMS Buy platform to wholesalers and distributors.
    • Dedicated onboarding teams were established to assist clients in registering, navigating the platform, and
    • placing orders. This hands-on approach reduced the learning curve and boosted user confidence.
    • Financial Flexibility: Enhance the purchasing experience by integrating the "Buy Now, Pay Later" option through
    • the company, allowing buyers to manage cash flow effectively.
    • Collaborate with the finance and technology team to integrate the company "Buy Now, Pay Later" solution into the DMS Buy platform.

    Ensure clear communication channels are established to educate Distributors about the benefits of deferred payments while ensuring transparency regarding terms and conditions.

    • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Marketing, or a related field (Master's degree preferred).
    • Proven track record of at least 5 years in FMCG bulk sales management, with a verifiable history of meeting or exceeding sales targets.
    • Strong leadership and team management skills, with experience in building and developing successful sales teams.
    • Exceptional interpersonal, communication, and negotiation skills.
    • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret sales data, generate insights, and make data-driven decisions.
    • Proficiency in CRM software, Microsoft Office Suite, and sales analytics tools.
    • Adept at strategic planning, market analysis, and competitive positioning.


    • Proficiency in crafting effective sales plans, including customer/outlet mapping, call/route planning, and volume projections.
    • Strong relationship-building skills and adeptness in executing sales calls and engaging with customers.
    • Analytical skills for tracking and presenting information, contributing to data-driven decision-making.
    • Exceptional organizational and planning abilities to manage multiple tasks effectively.
    • Assertive decision-making and self-confidence to initiate and execute plans.
    • Strong customer focus coupled with effective negotiation skills.


  • N750,000

Application Deadline: 29th Feb, 2024

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